Hello and Welcome!


Welcome to our blog. I’m super excited to start my journey as a Realtor. I received my license in October 2016 and, although a little slow to start because of prior commitments, I am well on my way to fulfilling a dream I’ve had for a long time.

I have to admit that my best friend got me doing this, and now we are partners on our real estate path. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner and friend to do this with. So Sheri Johnson, THANK YOU!

Going through school and passing the test was pretty daunting to me, but I’m extremely proud of myself that I did it. And I passed the test the first time! I wish I could say I didn’t get any wrong, but they don’t tell you anything other than if you passed or failed. I’m going to say I did great! Haha!

Well, for now that’s all I’ve got, but I’ll be back with more soon.